Q. What pastie size do I choose for my pasties?

Please check out the sizing chart here otherwise, if you add a note in the order with your size, we are happy to accommodate.

Q. Are your pasties true to size?

Depending on the design, most pasties are true to the size.
For designs including teardrop rhinestones along the edge, this may add an additional 0.5 cm/0.2" to the base.


Q. What comes with my pasties order?

In the box, you receive:
    • Your pasties
    • A bag of spare rhinestones (in case you need to repair them in future)
    • 2 pieces of pastie tape (to adhere the pasties to your body)
    • Free Boom-Boom Pasties/Chica Boom-Boom stickers to show off our brand
    • A heartfelt thank you note, handwritten by Chica Boom-Boom (owner of Boom-Boom Pasties)

    Q. How do I stick the pasties to my body?

    You will need to purchase an adhesive to place on the back of the pastie to adhere to your body. We recommend doing a skin reaction test with your chosen adhesive before trialing it with your pasties.

    We recommend using pastie tape (which is also sold as wig tape) for any first-time pastie user. These can be purchased from burlesque dance studios or online stores. We use Walker Tape's Super Stick in Contour C as our sample tape.

    Other recommendations for adhesives are:

      • Spirit gum and spirit gum remover
      • Double-sided carpet tape from hardware stores
      • Double-sided tape from pharmacies/beauty stores

      Q. Do you sell adhesives for pasties?

      Boom-Boom Pasties provides a sample of pastie tape with your order however we currently don't have a supplier to provide this as a product on our website.


      Q. I have a set deadline for my pasties - can you make them in time?

      Please reach out before placing your order to see if we can accommodate your deadline.

      All Ready To Ship Pasties will be posted within 48 hours of receiving payment

      For Made To Order Pasties:
      All Dainty, Glamour, Dazzle, Lovely & Starlight styles will require 1-2 weeks for them to be made before shipping, so please allow 2-3 weeks before your deadline.
      All Bloom & Celestial styles will require 2-4 weeks for them to be made before shipping, so please allow up to 4-6 weeks before your deadline.

      For Customise Me Pasties, this could require up to 4 weeks for them to be made before shipping if it's a complex design, so please allow up to 4-6 weeks before your deadline.

      Q. I have a group performance and like to order matching pasties for the group - can you accommodate our order?

      Please reach out via email or social media direct message as it'll depend on the complexity of the order and workload for other orders. Potentially a special group discount can be organised for the bulk order.

      Q. I need to cancel my order - is this possible?

      Once an order is placed, there is a 24 hour period to contact us with any modifications to order or cancellations.

      For Made To Order Pasties, as each piece is handmade for each individual customer, we will generally not accept cancellations after 24 hours.

      Q. Can I return my pasties to get a refund?

      Generally we do not accept returns due to health and safety.

      Boom-Boom Pasties take great pride in their work and if, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your item(s), please contact us directly, to discuss and resolve the issue.


      Q. How much is local shipping in Australia?

      All orders are shipped via Sendle and it will be calculated at checkout for your location.
      If Sendle is unavailable in your area, please contact us and we can arrange shipping via AusPost Domestic.

      Q. Do you offer free shipping?

      Unfortunately free shipping will not be offered unless for a special discount event.
      If you happen to live in Melbourne, Australia, Chica Boom-Boom, owner of Boom-Boom Pasties, can offer a pick-up service to hand-deliver the item at Maison Burlesque Studio (Richmond) or Bottoms Up Dance Studio (Brunswick) and she will contact you to organise a meet-up time/date.

      Q. Do you ship internationally?

      Yes, Boom-Boom Pasties will ship internationally via AusPost International and it will be calculated at checkout for your location.


      Q. How do I look after my new Boom-Boom Pasties?

      Keep the pasties in a hard container and away from heat so that they will not lost their shape or get crushed in a costume bag.

      Do not immerse the pasties in water - pasties are splashproof only.